ASAR Consultants have deep expertise, resources, tools and industry knowledge to implement SAP Hybris Commerce (B2B/B2C), Hybris Cloud for Customer, Hybris Sales Cloud, Hybris Service Cloud, Hybris Marketing Cloud, Hybris Billing/Revenue Cloud. We implement complete end to end front office processes across Hybris and backend systems such as SAP CRM, SAP ERP and SAP S/4 HANA. Our implementation approach is unique. We partner and engage client resources at every step of implementation so that when we go live client resources are skilled to support the system. We are guided by strong believe and commitment to industry best practices. We have experience utilizing both SAP ASAP as well as Agile Implementation Methodologies. Both ASAP as well as Agile implementation methodologies have their own merits and shortcomings. We have seen the hybrid approach of implementation works the best. That is why we leverage and utilize our own unique processes for requirements gathering, conducting business blueprint workshops, system configuration, prototypes, managing RICEF Objects, project documentation, test cycles, cut-over and go-lives.

ASAR Consultants have a strong record of meeting high performance standards while implementing complex global enterprise solutions to deliver real business value. Our Team possesses deep industry expertise, process proficiency, technical skills and diverse project experience gained through numerous prior successful SAP Hybris implementations. This experience and expertise, combined with our lean, hybrid implementation methodology, help us ensure successful delivery of projects on time and on budget with desired business benefits for our customers. Whether you plan to implement only Hybris front office solution or integrated with SAP back-end solutions, we can guarantee the desired project outcome with Team ASAR.

We are equipped to undertake any SAP Hybris implementation project either on fixed fee or time and expense.

our guiding principle for every SAP Hybris implementation

we are driven by customer’s interest

We leverage ASAP Methodology

And our experience throughout implementation life cycle
  • Project Planning

  • Business Blueprint

  • Realization

  • Final Preparation

  • Go-Live

SAP ASAP Methodology for Implementation is the SAP roadmap for implementing SAP solutions in a cost-effective, speedy manner. ASAP provides a proven, repeatable implementation methodology to streamline projects and achieve lower total cost of implementation (TCI). SAP offers ASAP methodology for Simplified Rapid Deployment Solution Experience, Assemble-to-Order projects, Agile and Standard projects to support the needs of clients with various SAP deployment strategies.

Though ASAP  is by far the most proven and time tested methodology, we have been able to tweak it as per customer requirements to achieve the desired goals in given project time line and resources.

As an alternative with ASAP, we also user more flexible agile methodology. SAP Agile offers a simple framework to improve the effectiveness of SAP implementation projects. It helps to align with the value the business customers are expecting and deliver accordingly. SAP Agile is a hybrid implementation approach that combines the Agile manifesto principles, Scrum as an iterative time boxed way of working and the use of the proven SAP ASAP Framework as foundation. By jumpstarting on pre-assembled SAP RDS content (on premise or in the cloud) results are quickly achieved. SAP Agile provides an improved and innovative framework for complex projects. Now, more and more customers are preferring agile methodology for implementing latest SAP applications.

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